Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We Are Moving:New Place For Blogged On Music Update

Thanks for being a reader of this blog: we are now moving over to Wordpress, due to some layout issues on bloggerOur new URL is:

Hope to see you soon at our new Wordpress blog-the new wave of blogs will have a lot more of our completed updates and features, lots of new stuff and be updated very regular. Please also note the content style and features of this blog will continue just with lot's of added stuff too.
For more info on what these blogs and our other websites and features are all about visit: again for using this blog, and thanks Blogger for having us over the years, and now it's time for our new era at Wordpress.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Internet Tributes

Hello their, readers. Just before I go on with further music related posts I wanted to mention something with regards to tributes. As is the nature of life, their will be a time when that life ends, and these passings can be marked with a tribute. Relating this idea with the blogs and other websites, I had this idea, and would really appreciate feedback on, which was to set up a tribute page on the linked to each of the Blogged......blogs. Basically, the idea would be tributes are placed on the website by anyone who wants to, under the name of the person who has passed on (in what ways seen fit, could be with words, music, video or an image for example) along with the persons name the tributes are too. I planed on putting this across each blog, so that tributes could be added relating to a passing in that field, so for example on the music blog, if someone had passed on from the music industry. The idea I thought would be to mark their impact in that field, but wanting to recognize the person they were to people not from a industry perspective but from a personal perspective, more then just the industry they were famous for. I was thinking of adding a separate website for each of these blogs tribute pages and link them up to the blogs, where anyone will be able to post their tributes. I'll still post tributes on to the blog itself, and in recent months the music world has seen a number of looses close together, and I planned on posting a tribute on these artists life, but unfortunately I was unable to at the time, however I will now be working on those along with the tribute pages.

As I say your feedback will be greatly appreciated on this idea, along with another page where the idea is people can give messages to anyone they want, it could be a message of encouragement, a message of congradulation, or maybe just to say hi, any nice message will do!

Friday, 15 June 2012

New Music From Charlotte Church

Well, I was pleased to hear of some new material from one of my favioute vocalists, Charlotte Church. She has a new albun out soon. Now I was one of the people who really enjoyed the tracks on her previous album, Back To Scratch and thought that overall it was a pretty underated album. Now the new, as yet unknown tittled album has a different fell to it, then Back To Scratch, or indeed any of Charlotte's previous material. I mean you can hear it's Charlotte Church, but with a great rocking vibe, I think it sounds brilliant. Very excited to hear what else is on the album, I think it reminds me a little of Amy Lee. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Robin Gibb Titanic Tribute

Robin Gibb has been at work on a project in memory of the Titanic and the tragedy that faced people on board that ship. The project is named The Titanic Requiem.  The Titanic Requiem will be a showing as a concert, as well as released on a CD, so for more information on dates and other info, check out the official website:
This is  Don't Cry Alone from The Titanic Requiem.

A great piece their, serving as tribute song, from Robin Gibb.

Tulisa's New Video-

Have you seen Tulisa's new music video-Young? I'm liking her vocal a lot here, see what you think.


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